FactBox is Fact-Management Software for Litigators

FactBox is cloud-based fact-management and chronology software designed specifically for litigators.

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FactBox has done a wonderful job shaking things up. The features already implemented are extremely polished. The fact editor in particular looks like an improved, minimalist version of Word. I have yet to experience a bug.

Mary-Alice Coleman

Mary-Alice Coleman

Law Office of Mary-Alice Coleman

I love FactBox!  I am using it to work up all my new cases.

Daniel Velton

Daniel Velton

Velton Zegelman P.C.

Since we started using FactBox it’s clear that this is becoming an indispensable tool - perhaps the indispensable tool - for working up our cases.

Gabe Nugent

Gabe Nugent

Barclay Damon, LLP

FactBox is a great tool for organizing facts and case themes. It is also a good project management tool.

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FactBox integrates with your tools.

FactBox simplifies your case work.

Track Key Facts

Connect key facts to the source documents and issues in your case. Everything stays dynamically organized and integrated.

All Working Together

No more outdated chrons. Everyone's work is connected, accessible and organized.

Ready When You Are

Prepare for trial, depositions, briefs and meetings without additional work. Update clients and colleagues with ease.

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