The FactBox Flow

Here are the key aspects that make working in FactBox an efficient and productive case flow.

Categorized Capture

Categorize facts and new ideas as you build your case. Set up the structure when you start a case or build it as new topics emerge. FactBox centralizes all of the content in your case.

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New Connections

See your case from different perspectives and uncover new connections with a single click. Sort and filter to rapidly home in on fact clusters and edit your content seamlessly.

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Effortless Reports

Generate editable, specific client-ready work product right from your view of the case.

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The founders of FactBox come from careers in corporate investigations and as such we are sophisticatedly paranoid about security. We made data protection a top priority from Day One.

Two security-audit firms conduct “white hat” and “black hat” penetration tests against FactBox reviewing the technology as well as the company’s security policies and practices. These audits include authenticated and non-authenticated vulnerability scans, web application scans and penetration tests against our external and internal information systems and websites to detect vulnerabilities, open ports and services.

FactBox data resides on redundant servers in physically secure facilities that require 2-factor access with control cards, biometric readers and armed guards.

FactBox data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Employees of FactBox have no access to any customer data held within FactBox. We have the best cyber-insurance available, including third-party coverage for data breach and notification responsibilities.

FactBox also offers two-factor authentication for additional, user-end security. With two-factor authentication, a code is sent to your phone upon login in order to prevent unwanted access to FactBox because of lost/stolen devices, weak or compromised passwords, break-ins or other user-end security issues.

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Explore the Sample Case

FactBox is built to help you do more thinking and less searching. Explore some of FactBox's features by viewing our sample case. It is based on the real case of Adnan Syed, popularized on the first season of the Serial podcast. Or build your own case with a 7-day free trial.